Monday, July 27, 2009

Horses do a lot of this......

Sumiko is working hard and learning what it takes to own a horse or rather have a horse own you.

Playing with the Horses

This horse is named Roanie. He's 10 years young. Janice takes these horses on long 3 or 4 day trail rides.

Centennial, Colorado

Staying with another Smith family in Colorado. Sumiko wondered what was up with the "Smith" friends we keep staying with? They must have some kind of influence in our lives for one reason or another?! Sumiko gets to take care of Janice's horses. This horse is named Apache. He's 22 years old and used to be a jumper. She feeds him an apple, one carrot and 3 flakes of hay twice a day.

Silverton, Colorado

Some of the businesses in town are open only when the train arrives! There was this cool Big Foot (Sasquatch) Store we wanted to shop in but when the train left town the shop keeper closed his doors?!

Silverton, Colorado

Stopped here to look at the steam train before it left for Durango. Had an ice cream cone and walked around town.

Thank you Karen!

We love Karen

More Pagosa

Everyday like clock work the clouds drift in at 3:00 pm. We get a good rain for about 30 minutes then the sun comes back out. The clouds and rainbows are beautiful. We love the weather ...... so far!

Wyndam Pagosa Springs

We were on the 3rd floor. Shlepping all our stuff up the stairs was a workout! Especially at 7,000 feet elevation!! But the v i e w s were incredible!!!


We stayed in Utah for 10 days at the Smith home in Woodland Hills, which is above Provo. Beautiful place to live!! When it was 90 degrees in Provo we would go up the hill afew miles to the house and it would be nice and cool. We saw deer, a doe with her fawn, even twin fawns, everyday!!!! I want to live amongst the wildlife. In the forest. Karen is such a gracious host. We played games every night and didn't get to sleep till midnight most nights! We cooked together, ate, shopped, went for morning walks, ate, and got to really visit with each other. We are so grateful for the time we spent getting to know one another. We love Karen. We also met her daughter and all her kids and grandkids. Sumiko had a blast going to the pool, seeing a movie, playing volleyball and bowling with the ever energetic Smiths. We covered a lot of Utah territory by car and internet. We decided to move on to Colorado. Utah has little rainfall and is too dry for us. We need lots of water.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wild Canadian Geese in Pagosa

We fed the geese just once (we couldn't resist them). The wild geese hiss a little when we're near their babies but don't attack us like the geese by the ponds in Calif.